Why knok
Why knok is right for you
It’s not always easy to take a child or an elderly relative to a hospital or a GP. Wait in the comfort of your home.
No more waiting hours in a hospital emergency department. knok allows you to call a doctor for home visit or video call. We save you time.
Be seen by your doctor over and again. A specialist chosen by knok and rated by our patients. 99% of our users rated us 5 out 5 stars.
When to use
Video Appointment
Use our video appointments to know more about your condition or to make a follow-up with your doctor.
Home Appointment
Use our home appointments for evaluation, diagnosis or treatment of acute or chronic medical conditions that require a physical exam but are not so serious that a trip to the hospital would be advisable
What people are saying
Susana S.
Very kind and professional doctor. Extremely efficient using knok. I truly recommended Dr. Joana
Lúcia S.
Médica muito prestável e simpática. diagnóstico rápido. Primeira vez que utilizei a aplicação e recomendo!
Manuela E.
Gostei muito deste serviço. foi rápido, profissional e o médico muito atencioso. vou recomendar aos meus amigos!
Joana S.
Muito boa: rapidez na resposta e profissionalismo no atendimento clínico
Bruna A.
Atendimento excelente. Recomendarei a knok aos meus amigos. Obrigada!
Hugo S.
Impecável, muito atenciosa e profissional. É a médica cá de casa!
Ana R.
Gostei imenso, excelente profissional é uma doutora muito querida com as crianças! será certamente a nossa médica ao domicílio!
Katie S.
Estados Unidos
Thanks so much for helping with my health problems. Thank God for you!
Sónia P.
Excelente, recomendo vivamente, muito boa profissional, fez uma consulta muito completa
Amândio R.
Excelente! Tranquilizou-nos! obrigada!
Teresa F.
Competente, como das vezes anteriores, e preocupado em ajudar e apoiar a recuperação, mostrando que a consulta, para ele, não termina no momento em que sai do quarto do doente.
As featured in
"What will doctors of the future look like? Meet the 10 innovators revolutionising healthcare" - 23 Janeiro 2017
How it works
I’m ill and I’m looking for a doctor
1. Download knok app
It’s free and easy to use
2. Choose a doctor
Describe the situation and we’ll suggest the best doctors available.
3. Pay on the app
Secure digital payment solution
6. Rate us
Tell us how we did, we want to be always improving
5. Home or video appointment
Your decision, your doctor, the same service
4. Call a doctor
Confirm the appointment through the app
Meet our doctors
Dra. Joana Nunes
General Practitioner
knok allows me to provide proximity and quality care to people - there is no set time limit for each consultation, which is crucial so that we provide the quality service we want to provide. Additionally, knok gives me insights on patients, as we have the possibility to evaluate people in their natural environment. Finally, I have flexible schedule so I can be online whenever I am available.
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